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2016 BMW Summer Camp – Geodome Tents

2016 Geodome Tents for BMW Summer Camp – Children Traffic Education

BMW Summer Camp – Children Traffic Education was hold at Olympic Park in Beijing, China. This welfare activities for children traffic education which has been hold for 12 consecutive years. Dr. Hassan, the president and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Limited said that “BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Camp is the first corporate social responsibility projects in China, it has been years of history. We have gone through 63 cities for 390,000 parents and children to the children’s traffic safety knowledge and skills. we are very pleased to see that our efforts for children to create a safer world, which is why we insist on the implementation of corporate social responsibility power and reason. ”

Shelter Geodome Tents in 2016 BMW Summer Camp

We are glad to have this cooperation with BMW. Our three geodome tents to support this welfare activity were used as temporary conference hall, speech hall and children recreation room. The waterproof PVC fabric with fornt clear design which creates more lights under the tents. And the strong sunlight and heat can be blocked on the top. This kind of design gives you an open-air atmosphere during the outdoor events and protect you from the changable weather!

Different Usages of Our Geodome Tents

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