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New Sample Show

Marquee Tents in Sample Area of Shelter

To leave a deep impression on our customers and to know better of what customers want, Shelter Tent has built a sample area where stands many kinds of marquee tents.
Due to the long history of Shelter Tent, we’ve made great progress on various kinds of tents, so that the sample area has been refreshed for many times, and the one built newly these days contains whatever you want.

Structural Features of Marquee Tents

Usually after a period of time, we refresh the area with newly project samples and tents on which we have made progresses, and there are nearly all series of our products.
Aluminum structure is the feature of our marquee tents, in order to make our tents satisfying and reassuring, we take this kind of alloy as main profiles due to its durable feature and lightness, so that our tents could cover a long life span and could be handled easily during transportation and installation.

Shelter’s Accessories and Tents Are in Plenty Stock

Besides structures, materials and devices for systems like walling, flooring and air-conditioning are various, we have ABS walls, glass walls, sandwich panel walls and normal fabric walls; carpets, cassette floors and even wooden floors are for your options; air-conditioners, rain gutters and ventilators could also be equipped. In our sample area, you can find whatever in your mind.

Tents are many, and so are the shapes, we have pagoda tent, large “A” shape roof tent, high peak tent, cubic tent, dome tent, hexagon tent and decagon tent as well as multi-shape tent, of course, double decker tent could not be forgotten while not in the sample area but in the buildings for reception.

Shelter’s Service

Pay a visit to Shelter’s sample area, and you could spot your desired tent among all marquee tents, if you found your tent, we can give suggestions on the material for walls, doors and floors, etc., thus saving your costs.

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