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Event Tent Sales - Small & Large Clear Span Commercial Tent Structures

Small & Large Event Tent Structures For Sale

With 13 years clear span tent industry experience, SHELTER has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Event Tent Structures for sale. Within the SHELTER series of tent products and accessories, you will find the right clearspan tent for every occasion. We design and fabricate innovative and functional event tents and have provided them for major Corporate, Hospitality and Sporting events including projects at the PGA, Olympics, Formula 1 Grand Prix, WTA, and Canton Fair. All of our tents are well-suited for those events with special budget requirements. We have completed numerous projects at home and abroad and gained a reputation as a reliable supplier by integrating engineering, production, and installation departments under one roof.

Our extensive range of small and large event marquee structures are available in a variety of clear span widths from 3m through to 60m. The modular design of our temporary event structures allows them to be increased or decreased infinitely in bay distances of 3m or 5m. In addition, the shapes and designs of our clear span event tents are also variable, such as classic “A” frame, high peak, curved roof, cube tent, hip-end, two-story, dome shape and more. Whether it’s a large-scale corporate event for thousands of people or a private party for a hundred friends and family, SHELTER has the stunning custom-built event marquee to suit your needs.

We provide not only the temporary event structures, but windows, doors, linens, HVAC units, flooring system with carpets, lighting equipment, and everything underneath to make any type of event a success.

An Event Marquee That Is Always Suitable

WEATHER-PROOF EVENT VENUE – A clearspan tent has always been a critical element of outdoor events and projects. Bad weather conditions are the issue of concern in an outdoor event while event tents are virtually water tight, flame retartant to NFPA 701, wind rated to withstand a minimum 62 mph wind speed and have incredible strength and durability in bad weather. They can be the perfect way to protect your guests from the elements.

WIDE OPEN INTERIOR FOR UNOBSTRUCTED USE – Our clearspan event tents are robust aluminum structures that do not require internal poles inside the tents, creating ample spaces for large-scale celebrations, presentations or operations.

HUGE CAPACITY IN A SHORT TIME – Our aluminum tents for events are engineered to be modular and portable structures that can be erected and expandable quickly to create a huge square footage capacity for any event and then quickly disappear.

SIMPLE OR PERSONALIZED – Covered with standard PVC coated polyester fabrics, the tent surfaces are ideal as an advertising platform. Your event tents can be kept simple or personalized and imprinted according to the event. With the appropriate printing, they not only increase your visibility, but also make you distinctive in large crowds.

Clear Span Event Tents Sale Roof Designs

A-Frame Clearspan Structures

The durability and overall scope of this classic, open structure allows it to adapt to all sorts of applications.

  • S Series – Widths measure from 3m to 12m.
  • G Series – Widths measure from 6m to 15m.
  • M Series – Widths measure from 10m to 30m.
  • L Series – Widths measure from 30m to 50m .

All of our A-framed tents for events can be installed in unlimited lengths. Contact Us for more information.

Event Tent with A Framed Roof - Shelter Africa

Arcum Clear Span Structures

The structures of our Arch Series offer a unique, sleek profile and design with a curved roof design and will make an impression with your guests.

Sizes measure from 10m to 40m in width with varying eave height ranging from 3.95m to 4.03m. Contact Us for more info.

Event Tent with Arch Roof - Shelter Africa

High Peak Tents

High peak structures of both our C Series and P Series provide the means to create eye-catching tensile roof structures. They are easy to assembly and can be installed side by side with rain gutters to provide the perfect solution for recptions, formal events, and special business events etc.

  • C Series – Sizes measure from 3m to 12m in clear-span width.
  • P Series – Sizes measure from 3m to 6m in clear-span width.

Contact Us for more info.

Event Tent with High Peak Roof - Shelter Africa

Double Decker Structures

  • Great way to maximize your event space.
  • Increase brand exposure with printed logos.
  • Ideal structure to watch a game or host your VIP’s during your event.
  • Available in 10m (32′) to 30m (100′) widths on an 8m (26′) standard eave height.

Contact Us for more info.

Double Decker Structure as Event Tent - Shelter Africa

Polygonal Tents

There are two types of our Polygon Series: clearspan structures with polygon roof or with polygon sides. This roof form is especially popular for concerts, training facilities for soccer, tennis, handball, volleyball, ice-hockey or basketball. The multi-sided structures offer large surface exhibition and show rooms. Contact Us for more info.

  • Multi-sided – Sizes measure from 10m to 22m in diameter.
  • Multi-arched – Sizes measure from 20m to 60m in clear-span width.

Event Tent - Polygon Structure Design - Shelter Africa

Geodesic Dome Structures

Creative and practical, our geodesic dome tent is a unique space solution for your corporate event. Surprise your clients and guests with creativity and style.

Sizes measure from 3m to 80m in diameter with a variety of options. Contact Us for more info.

Geodesic Dome as Event Tent - Shelter Africa

Thermo Roof Tents

Our cube tents give a new look with panel surrounded in roof and perform better when it comes to raining. With its elegant appearance and outstanding performance, it’s used for high profile conference, corporate events, car shows, new products launch and branding.

Sizes measure from 10m to 25m in width. Contact Us for more info.

Event Tent Structure with Thermo Roof - Shelter Africa

Choosing The Structure Size

Here’re some popular event tent sizes for your quick reference. Whether you are hosting a large-scale company party or a backyard reception, when you know how many guests you’ll host – or have calculated the square footage of your event – it’s easy to estimate what size tent you’ll need. If you need help making your event planning go a little easier, please contact us. We can suggest what size and style tent you need for your event, and create a 2D rendering.

Tent Size Square Meters
(Square Feet)
Standing Seating
(Chairs Only)
6′ or 8′ Tables
60′ Round Tables
10 x 10 m (32 x 32 ft) 100 m² (1,076 ft²) 80 – 100 people 75 – 85 people 60 – 80 people 50 – 65 people
10 x 20 m (32 x 66 ft) 200 m² (2,152 ft²) 150 – 160 people 135 – 145 people 120 – 150 people 100 – 120 people
15 x 20 m (50 x 66 ft) 300 m² (3,229 ft²) 245 – 265 people 235 – 255 people 220 – 240 people 160 – 180 people
20 x 20 m (66 x 66 ft) 400 m² (4,306 ft²) 360 – 400 people 350 – 365 people 330 – 350 people 235 – 255 people
20 x 25 m (66 x 82 ft) 500 m² (5,382 ft²) 450 – 500 people 435 – 455 people 400 – 430 people 260 – 320 people
20 x 30 m (66 x 100 ft) 600 m² (6,458 ft²) 500 – 600 people 480 – 510 people 435 – 465 people 335 – 375 people
20 x 35 m (66 x 115 ft) 700 m² (7,534 ft²) 600 – 700 people 530 – 600 people 450 – 485 people 375 – 435 people
20 x 40 m (66 x 131 ft) 800 m² (8,611 ft²) 700 – 800 people 630 – 710 people 570 – 630 people 435 – 500 people
30 x 30 m (100 x 100 ft) 900 m² (9,688 ft²) 800 – 900 people 690 – 750 people 600 – 650 people 500 – 560 people
25 x 40 m (82 x 131 ft) 1,000 m² (10,763 ft²) 900 – 1,000 people 760 – 835 people 665 – 730 people 560 – 625 people
30 x 40 m (100 x 131 ft) 1,200 m² (12,917 ft²) 1,100 – 1,200 people 930 – 1,000 people 805 – 875 people 685 – 750 people
30 x 50 m (100 x 164 ft) 1,500 m² (16,145 ft²) 1,400 – 1,500 people 1,150 – 1,250 people 965 – 1,000 people 875 – 935 people
40 x 50 m (131 x 164 ft) 2,000 m² (21,527 ft²) 1,900 – 2,000 people 1,550 – 1,750 people 1,200 – 1,350 people 1,000 – 1,250 people
50 x 60 m (164 x 200 ft) 3,000 m² (27,986 ft²) 2,900 – 3,000 people 2,600 – 2,750 people 2,150 – 2,500 people 1,500 – 1,800 people

You can trust the highly creative, innovative, and experienced problem solvers on our staff to transparently transform the backdrop for your event. If we don’t have it in stock, we can make it for you. If you are interested in one of our event tents or would like to know more about our clear span tent products, and offers, do not hesitate and get in touch with us using the contact form. Our teams will always be more than happy to help and answer any of your queries no matter what concerns you may have.


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